Ah, the terror. The butterflies in your stomach.The shaking, the twitching.The agony.

The nightmares the night before.

A job interview can be a painful experience if you’re new to the job market or a bit on the shy side. Or both. That’s the worst. The pressure can be insurmountable if you think you’ve found the dream job and the interview is the only thing stopping you.

It can be tempting to be in the situation of “Why do you think you’re the best fit for this job?” “Because I’m here and you’re hiring.” This is a perfectly real situation where someone just wants to be SO OVER the whole interview thing already. But it’s not the best approach if you can even call it an approach.

Most frequently asked job interview questions

Obviously, the first one is the one above. What do you say to that? Be honest. You must at least have an idea of why you want the job. If you didn’t, you wouldn’t be nervous about it. You wouldn’t be reading my two cents right now. Tell them what you think the job will be like and why you think you’ll be great at it.

If you can’t really come up with anything / are just looking for some kind of job, then go with the cliché. I’m young (or feel young), I’m ambitious, I’m motivated, I’m your guy /gal whatever.

What are your salary expectations?

Be honest. Ideally, start a bit high so you have room to negotiate. Don’t settle on a low amount because you’ll get what you settled for. A lot of people, in particular women, make this mistake. They shoot a low figure just so they’ll be hired. Then, they’re stuck with a low-paying job and getting more frustrated by the minute.

If you want $4,000 a month (just an example), say something like 4,500. Be prepared to settle for slightly less. If they’re offering MUCH less, be gone.

What do you imagine the first day at this job to be like?

Be honest. If you haven’t thought about it, think now. It’s better to know the truth than to have false expectations about your future work. Few things are more frustrating than finding out your job isn’t at all like what you imagined it to be. And more disappointing.